Friday, May 27, 2011

Paying The Bills

I hate paying the bills.  I frequently am late paying them even though we have the money.  There I just put that out there and just wanted to be real here!  I don't have a good reason for not paying them other then I hate the chore of doing so.  I hate trying to keep track of all the paper work required of our household finances.  I really need to come up with a better system to do so.  This is one of my goals for the month of June.  I need to get our filing cabinet in order so that I can impliment a better system for filing the paper work before and after the household bills are paid.  This also includes other bills like doctor and dentist bills along with insurance and flexible spending account paper work too. 

So far I have been adding each bill as it comes in to my calendar I keep on the computer.  I then can set the calendar to remind me when a bill is due.  For the month of May this worked nicely and I paid then as the reminders popped up.

However yesterday was pay day and I decided to try something even better..........I just paid all the bills that were due out of that pay check!  Yup all of them yesterday!  Which worked out nicely! lol!  Now if I can just keep up with that plan!

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