Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Searl House Happenings

This week is the last full week of school.  Actually one week from today we will all officially be on summer break.  Of course this is the busiest weekend of what seems like the whole year,  starting on Thursday with Kid #4's 8th grade graduation.  On top of that, also on the same night, is the rehearsal for Kid #3 and 5's dance recital.  Ya someone didn't plan that well!  On Friday is the official dance recital.  Then Saturday, Kid # 2 is coming and we all will be attending a wedding of some close friends.  The hubby is also DJ'ing the wedding reception. Then we get a break for Sunday and Monday is Kid # 5's birthday.  Wow that makes me tired just typing it all out.

I am really looking forward to summer break.  It will be nice to be less structured in our day.  Although we will still be busy.  Kid # 3 will still have dance squad practice 3 days a week.  She will also be doing her Drivers Ed behind the wheel training two days a week.  Kid # 4 will still have guitar lessons and counselling sessions.  Hopefully we will be able to combine the two and have those on the same day and around the same time since they are very close in location.  Which then would not only save us some money but also some driving time every week. 

Normally I like to have a plan for our summer for breakfast, lunches and dinners.  I have to say though that I am not very motivated to create one.  I know I really need to though.  Not only will it help to save some money in the grocery budget but it also helps to save my sanity.  But I am feeling very uninspired when it comes to meal planning and can honestly say I have not really planned one for several weeks now.  My grocery budget it showing it too!

I'd also really like to create some sort of cleaning and laundry schedule.  That way everyone can help and pitch in and I won't become so overwhelmed with everyone being home.  This would also allow me sometime to be able to complete a few more projects. 

I guess I really should get to work on all of this :)

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