Thursday, August 18, 2011

Christmas Shopping???

Just wondering if anyone besides me has started their Christmas shopping yet? Our last immediate family birthday is at the beginning of August. Usually after this takes place I start my shopping for Christmas.  This year I bought two gifts in July.  I have ideas for almost everyone that we buy gifts for.  Now I will be spending the rest of this time looking for good deals for the things on my list. I will also be looking for good sales and coupons to bu the supplies I need for the gifts I wish to make.   I am hoping to have most of my shopping done by the end of October except for the Santa gifts for the 5 kids.  How about all of you?  Have you started shopping yet or at least started making your gift list?


  1. I start Christmas shopping in August too! I've found some great presents for the kids on clearance at Target and Walmart, so I'm getting them on the cheap too. I love the holidays!

  2. I am glad to see I am not the only one who starts early! I really need to make a list to help me be more organized with my shopping.

  3. I think I start shopping in January lol..Between our nieces and nephews as well as our kids its kinda crazy the amount we buy for and we do not use credit cards so it takes either buying or setting aside cash year round.