Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer List Update

I haven't updated our summer list on the blog at all this summer.  I thought since school will be starting now would be a good time.  We do plan to continue doing things on our list even after school starts.  We will just try to do them on the weekend until it gets cold.  Then perhaps we will need to make a winter list :) 

1. Ice skating
2. Childrens Museum
3. Harry Potter Movie
4. Splashdown
5. Art Museum
6. Wiener Roast x2
7. Make Root beer Floats
8. Go to Beach
9. Drive In
10.  Knights Action Park
11. Lorena's
12. Picnic
13. Roller Skating
14. Bowling
15. Go to a Fair
16. Go to Movie
17. Six Flags
18. Go to Library ( I would like to do this once a week) we have done this one several times over the summer
19. Go to 5 Point
20.  Aquarium
21. Camping
22. Outdoor concert
23. Outdoor movie
24. Play at the splash fountain
25. Go to the park ( I would like to do this once a week also) ( done this 1x 7/6)


  1. Sounds like you are doing great


  2. Thanks Judy! It is definately a work in progress and something we are trying to only pay cash for!