Monday, August 22, 2011

My 7 Things

Judy at We may be poor, but we are happy asked what are 7 things you can't give up, would give up or have given up, in order to save money and/or get out of debt?  Here is my list:

Can't give up

1. Internet - I like having Internet

2. Victoria Secret bras - I've given birth to 4 kids and nursed 2 for long periods of time these bras work for me and last me yrs

3. Coffee -I would not be a happy person without coffee.  I always make it at home though and never buy it out

4. Tampons - This one is self explanatory but I have to admit that I am thinking about trying the "mama pads".

5. House Phone- I would rather give up my cell phone which I hate anyway then my house phone!

6. Kleenex - I am never gonna be a hankie type girl

7. Toilet Paper - We are never gonna be a "family cloth" type family :P

Would give up

1. Cable - we didn't have this for 7 yrs and I could easily go back to not having it)

2. 2nd car - I could learn to live with only one car if I had too

3. Meat every day - I could easily not eat meat every day

4. My cell phone - did not have one for a long time and I could easily live without it again

5.  Dryer - I have gone whole summers without having a dryer before and I could learn to live without one permanently if I had to

6. Weekend Newspaper - We get Saturday and Sunday's paper.  It was cheaper to get both then to just get Sunday's.  I could give them up if I needed to though.

7. Netflix

Have given up

1. Paper towel - we use rags.  I do have paper towel around for dog accidents but it last us forever and ever.  I estimate I buy it twice a yr.

2. Paper napkins - the only paper napkins we have are once that I have picked up from restaurants or the kids have have bought home from fast food they have purchased.

3. Frozen Pizza - I never buy frozen pizza anymore.  My hubby makes the best homemade pizza :)

4. Movie/Game rentals.- We have Netflix which is way cheaper then the movie rental stores we have around here. 

5. Buying Books - I use the Library now

6. Dryer sheets- I can't remember the last time I bought these

7. Individually packed food items -  I always buy the large bags and repackage as needed.

This list was actually harder to come up with then I thought it would be! 


  1. Instead of the tampons, you should look into the Keeper or Divacup. They are really awesome, and I'm not even a tampon girl.

  2. Miranda, I have heard this but just not taken the jump to order one and give it a try. I may research it again though soon :) Thanks for commenting!