Thursday, January 3, 2013

January 2013 Goals

1. Put away all Christmas items.

2. Plan monthly menu + snacks

3. Deep clean kitchen, living room, bedroom, Kid # 5's bedroom

4. Try 4 new recipes from Pinterest

5. Call and see what can be done about Cable/Internet/Land line bill

6. Make breakfast burritos for freezer

7. Purchase small note book for price book to keep in purse - I did this yesterday. Now I just need to start writing in it :)

8.  Find a good way to menu plan - either by adding to home management binder or getting separate planner.  I bought a seperate planner for this yesterday. I have already started planning my January menu in it.

9. Sell enough unwanted items to make $100

10. Track spending

11. Caulk and touch up paint on kitchen baseboards.

12.  Install transition piece for back door

13. Clean out from under bathroom sink so husband can snake the drain which seems to be clogged.


  1. You'll be busy in January? So what do you include in a price book?

    1. Lena, I am planning to base my price book on Aldi prices. For most thing this is the cheapest place in my area to buy food items. There are a few things I do not get there and those things I will list the stores I buy them at. So basically, name of item, date, store, price and unit price is what I am listing in my price book. A Costo recently opened up here and I want to be able to compare prices there and a few other places. I am hoping to cut my grocery bill by $100 a month.

  2. I keep mine on my computer in excel so I can sort it. But I record prices after I shop and also use it when looking at the kroger and schnucks ads each week since I mostly shop at Walmart and price match a lot. I've tried a notebook before and it just doesn't work for me. I can tell you we have a costco membership and the milk is a great buy. If you ever want to visit I could meet you down there and you could go in on my card, or they'll give you a one day guest pass. ~Alissa

    1. Thanks Alissa! We joined Costo this week. I haven't had a chance to go in yet but we have got gas there. It is the closest gas station to us and my hubby figured out it would save us close to $700 a year to buy there. This will come in really handy with his new job and long commute.

      I do not take advantage of the walmart price matching as much as I should. I really need to start doing that. Do you buy your meat there also?

  3. Hi Melissa-
    I'm curious what you find out re: cable/landline/internet... we have all 3 with a bundle & I feel like we pay a lot! Keep me posted!

    1. I will do that Elisabeth! I feel like we pay alot also. We are considering getting rid of the cable and landline. But if Comcast would offer me a good deal then we may not :) I'll let you know what we find out!

  4. You have a busy month! What do you put in your breakfast burritos?

    1. We are putting scrambled eggs,cheese and probably some leftover diced ham in the breakfast burritos :)