Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January Goal # 4 Has Been Reached

One of goals for 2013 was to try a new recipe that I pinned on Pinterest once a week.  For January, I set the goal of trying 4 new recipes.  I posted here about the first two recipes I tried.

Tonight we had Jolean's Cheese Potato Smoked Sausage Casserole.  Now I didn't have any smoked sausage. But I did have some leftover diced up ham in the freezer.  So that is what I used instead.  My husband really like this casserole and asked if we can have it again :)  We have enough leftover for at least one of his lunches and probably another dinner.  This was a hit!

Monday night,  we had Stove-Top Tamale Pie.  This was not a hit :(  I really liked it but the rest of the family was not thrilled by it so it will not be making the rotation.

One evening last week we had Honey Garlic Chicken.  I like this because it was a crock pot recipe and very easy.  This one went over well also and will probably make the rotation of meals.  I seem to always have every thing to make it.

So there you go there is my #4 goal for January.  I'll post more recipes as I try them :)  Maybe it will be helpful to someone.  I feel like we eat the same things over and over sometimes.

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