Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013 Goals - Final Update

Well I didn't get everything done that I wanted too.  But at least I got half of it accomplished :)  I think this list will just carry over into February.

1. Put away all Christmas items.

2. Plan monthly menu + snacks - I have this all planned out for the month. I will have to make another grocery run next week, but it should be a small one, for produce and a few odds and ends to complete the last of the meals.

3. Deep clean kitchen, living room, bedroom, Kid # 5's bedroom

4. Try 4 new recipes from Pinterest - I have posted about this here and here

5. Call and see what can be done about Cable/Internet/Land line bill

6. Make breakfast burritos for freezer My hubby made breakfast "hot pockets" instead of burritos. He is on his 3rd week eating them so they have lasted a good long while :)

7. Purchase small note book for price book to keep in purse - I did this yesterday. Now I just need to start writing in it :)

8. Find a good way to menu plan - either by adding to home management binder or getting separate planner. I bought a separate planner for this yesterday. I have already started planning my January menu in it.

9. Sell enough unwanted items to make $100 -I have sold $10 worth of items so far.

10. Track spending

11. Caulk and touch up paint on kitchen baseboards.

12. Install transition piece for back door

13. Clean out from under bathroom sink so husband can snake the drain which seems to be clogged. - did this one last weekend :)

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  1. Good idea on carrying the goals over... I do that sometimes as well. :) Good luck in Feb!