Sunday, January 13, 2013

Random things that happened this week

This was my husbands first week at his new job.  In spite of the long commute he says he loves it :)

I worked two days this week and I am scheduled for two days next week.  I have got hours every week since I got the job, which is going to be great for us!

My pay check is going to come in handy since we just depleted most of our ER fund when Murphy came to visit on our car my husband needs for work.  Ugh!

Before we can start saving now to get my husband a different car to drive to work, we will need to build back up our ER saving which only has about $700 in it.  I really like it to sit at $2000 or more.  Good thing I realized along time a go that $1000 ER fund was not gonna work for us cause our car repairs and new tires cost us about $1800 :(  Good thing is we had the cash!

Things will be tight around here until we reach our saving goals.  But that is OK, being debt free is great and I would rather have things tight then be in debt :)

Having a meal plan for this whole week has made getting dinner on the table so much easier.  I love the new planner I bought just for meal planning.  I will post a picture of it soon.

Somethings I have noticed about my husband now having a day job, less dirty dishes, less lights on all the time, less water used to clean the dirty dishes, less cleaning of the kitchen and other areas of the house during the week...........hum I really think I will like this working during the day!

Today, I am doing laundry and preparing for the week ahead.  My meal plan is done since I planned for all of the month of January.  My husband is making some muffins and breakfast pockets ahead of time for him to eat on the drive to work.  I have our schedule posted on our calendar already.  I have a few claims I need to submit to the FSA account today, but other then that it should be an over all easy day.

Happy Sunday Everyone :)


  1. It must be the week for tires. I lost one on the way to inspection because of a piece of metal and DH had me get two since he wanted to make the other tire on car a full sized spare. Plus apparently you are supposed to replace tires in two

    1. We replaced all 4 tires, both front and back brakes and roters, and a few other things that needed done. Ugh! Oh well it was definately cheaper then buying a new car.........

  2. Yikes, these were some expensive repairs :( We had some done on our car right at the end of last year but we are lucky to have a friend who has his own garage and doesn't charge us much.

    1. The sad thing is almost half of it was tires and alignment :(

  3. I have always said $1000.00 is not enough, but I ave never had more than 1000.00 either. Nice when they have a job they like.

  4. Sounds like you are doing great!

    We always start the year off with a lot ($10K), but then end up needing most of it for taxes, so I suppose it's no so much an EF, but more like a tax fund. :-)