Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Little of This, A Little of That

Today I listed a few more things on my local Facebook sites to sell. I have two items pending. Hopefully they both will sell by Friday.

We had Chicken Cacciatore for dinner. It was a crock pot freezer meal I had made up before school started. I really love having these crock pot meals made ahead of time. When I use up the last of them I plan to make some more.

Tonight I am working on Homecoming flowers for Saturday. I always made Kid # 3's. This time I am working on Kid #4's. The supplies cost me $3.92. I used a 40% mobile coupon at Hobby Lobby. I'll post some pictures when I get them finished.

I also cut a couple scarves. I am way behind in my orders and need to get these done ASAP.

Today I brought home some leftover sliced bananas from work. I plan to put these in the freezer ( need to get that done before bed) and use them in smoothies and banana bread. Yeah for free/cheap food!

Yesterday I got a fabulous deal on a by one get one deal at Target. This is the deal here. Yeah for cheap Christmas presents :)

I had to run to Kohl's this afternoon to pay my bill ( which I almost forgot about, bad me!). I had a 30% off coupon so while I was there I decided to check out the flip flops. I had heard that they were marked down to about $4 a pair and mine were all falling apart. I usually wear them for a few years at a time. Anyway, I got 3 pairs for a little over $9. I used my coupon and Kohl's charge and the paid the charge bill before I left the store. 

My day was good. How about yours?


  1. I am always bringing fruit home from work since they put it out at the station as snacks for the patients but throw it away at the end of the shift. So now me and three of the other women take turns...I refuse to waste food like that

    1. That is exactly how I feel about it too, Judy. Btw, I am working on your order. I am so sorry it is taking this long!

  2. Sounds like a great day for you! Mine was pretty good too. I picked the last produce from our garden (a zucchini and a few pounds of tomatoes) and made about $60 with translating. I'm pretty pleased :)

    1. I have a few pounds of free tomatoes I need to do something with also, Lena