Monday, October 7, 2013

Manic Monday

Everyone is in an uproar at work over visits from the Heath inspectors. I guess we have a new inspector and some of the schools have been sited for things they have never even heard of. My specific school has yet to be inspected but I wish he would come soon just so we could move on and I would not have to hear about it. It is not making my work all that enjoyable.

I made a run to JoAnn Fabrics tonight to get some felt for a project I am making my nephew for his birthday. I also needed some material for a scarf order I have. I had a 50 % off one regular priced item coupon and a 20% entire order one also. Total spent was $11.33. I'll post pictures of both when I am done.

Nothing to exciting happening at home. We had chili and corn bread for dinner. I had a small amount of  taco soup left so I added it to the chili, it seemed like a good way to use it up.

Not to bad for a Monday I guess...

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