Thursday, October 3, 2013

I sold a few things and other random stuff....

The hardest part about writing everyday is coming up with good titles lol :)

I sold a small grocery bag of Kid # 5's outgrown clothes today, making $15. That brings my total for the week to $20 so far. I have a meeting set up tomorrow to sell two more items. Hopefully that works out.

I am setting aside this cash I am making selling items to add to our Christmas fund. Once we have finished paying for our gifts, I will then start adding it to the school tuition fund. If that should already be funded then ( I am setting aside my pay to do this with) I will have to reevaluate what is next on our list.

We did not end up following the menu plan this evening. We had a lot of leftovers in the frig so I declared it a leftover night. We emptied two containers and so far have not wasted any food.

I had some leftover garbanzo bean salad that we had at work last week and no one ate. I ran it through the food processor tonight with some sun dried tomatoes I picked up at Costco and turned it into Hummus. I love Hummus! We will have some of this tomorrow night for snack night.

The picture above is my new bag drying rack I picked up at a yard sale for a $1. Yes I know it is a baby bottle drying rack but I have no babies and I needed something to dry zip locks on. Works like a charm and folds up to store when not in use.

Well time to get back to homecoming flower making. Hope everyone had a good day :)


  1. Love your posts, & great idea for the bag drier!! Keep up the good job & thanks for being an inspiration.

  2. Thanks for commenting and coming here to read :)