Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Tip

My tip this week is pretty easy ..........use rags instead of paper towels.  I rarely buy paper towels anymore and when I do the packages of 8 rolls last us along time.  I do like to keep some on hand because we have a dog and cleaning up dog messes with a rag is eeewww.  But for everything else I/we use rags.  I cut up old tshirts and towels and we use those.  I have some stack able baskets in my pantry and in one of those baskets is where the majority of the rags are housed.  But I also have two small baskets that I believe I got at the Dollar General Store under my kitchen sink.  One is for clean rags to live and the other is where the dirty ones go. 

If the rags are wet I have a slide out towel bar thingy that they hang on until dry and then I put them in the basket with the other dirty rags and towels.

 I also keep a small laundry basket in my laundry room and when my kitchen basket gets full we dump it in that basket.  When the laundry room basket is full, which happens about once a month, I throw them all in the washer together and give them all a good wash.  Pretty simple really.  I also do not keep the paper towels that I do buy out in plain site.  I found that if my family seems them they use them.  But like most things out of sight out of mind.  Really is a simple thing to do to save some money.  Just takes some time to get out of the habit.

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  1. Love the basket idea. We have switched to using clothe napkins and rags as well instead of paper towels.

    Thanks for linking up to the Frugal Tuesday Tip. I think the button pasted wrong. I fixed it on my end, would you mind fixing it on yours? Thanks!

  2. Thanks Sara! I think I have it fixed now so it will link back to you. For some reason just clicking on the button isn't working.

  3. It is so good that you think in such a frugal way! A lot of money can be thrown away with all the paper products available. I don't use very many paper towels either. One thing that I have that I really like is microfiber cloths. I got a bit package of them at Sam's Club and I think I might have to put them in my will. They are SO durable and great for dusting, mirrors, windows and just about anything else. I also have pieces of old T-shirts and an old flannel sheet that I use for "nose blowers." :) We milk goats and so there is the udder washing and drying and I use the cheap white wash cloths that I can buy at Walmart. They last a LONG time and save a lot of money ~ instead of using paper towels. Thank you for posting this!