Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Searl House Happenings........

I haven't really been posting much since school has let out for the summer.  Seems I am way busy running kids around.  Hopefully that will change as June turns into July. 

Kid # 2 has been gone the whole month on vacation with her Mother and family.  We will be seeing her again in a few short days and she will be staying with us for two weeks.  Then there will be a few long weekends and then another week before school starts.  During the last week that she is here her grandparents should be visiting from South Carolina.

Kid # 3 is nonstop busy with Raiderette practices 3 days a week for the summer.  She just finished up the behind the wheel part of her Drivers Ed for school which was an additional two days a week she had to be at the high school.  Hopefully, she will be getting her licence in July.  Now she is in search of a job so that she can get her car up and running.

Kid # 4 has discovered skate boarding this summer and spends alot of time at the skate park.  In addition to that he is still taking guitar lessons.

Kid # 5 has been enjoying golf lessons this summer.  She says she is going to keep taking them until she is as good as her Dad :) 

We have made a couple of trips to the library so far this summer.  We have also played at the park a couple of times.  Last weekend 3 of the 5 kids and I went camping with my sister and her 3 kids.  The cousins all had a great time playing together all weekend.  Unfortunately it rained for part of it.  But we all handled it and still had a great time.  We also attended our family reunion picnic and got to see alot of family we don't see on a regular bases.  I am hoping to maybe get in one more camping trip before the cold weather comes back in the fall.

Today, Kid # 5 and I will be leaving to visit my other sister in Arizona.  This was not a frugal decision on my part but I am still happy we are going.  Kid # 5 is very excited to be going on a trip with me alone.  I am very excited to see my sister since it had been a year since I have.

Well that has been our summer so far in a nutshell.  Hopefully there will be several more great adventures to come in the month of July.  There are still many things to check off from our summer list.  We have plans for several of them coming up that will help us to get them accomplished.


  1. Safe travels! Sometimes family memories and moments together must win out over frugality.

  2. Thank you Stacey! I could not agree more. Kids are only kids for so long and there is no do over for childhood so I am enjoying them while I can :)