Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer List

Every year for the last several years I have had the kids make a summer wish list.  I ask them each to list 5 things they would like to do over the summer.  My only request is that it be something reasonable. For example we are not going to be going to Hawaii just because it is on their summer list, but we may go to Chicago.  They can also list simple things if they want like "go for ice cream or take a bike ride all together".  Last year I also add my own 5 things to the wish list and created a big poster and hung it on the refrigerator.  We then marked off things as we did them.  I do not promise that we will do each of the kids 5 things but I do promise that we will do at least one thing on each of their lists.  It has been fun and it gives us a little direction in our summer vacation.  Here is our list so far: ( I may add a few more things to it as I think of them :)

1. Ice skating
2. Children's Museum
3. Harry Potter Movie
4. Splashdown
5. Art Museum
6. Wiener Roast x2
7. Make Root beer Floats
8. Go to Beach
9. Drive In
10.  Knights Action Park
11. Lorena's
12. Picnic
13. Roller Skating
14. Bowling
15. Go to a Fair
16. Go to Movie
17. Six Flags
18. Go to Library ( I would like to do this once a week) we have done this 3x now ( 7/6)
19. Go to 5 Point
20.  Aquarium
21. Camping
22. Outdoor concert
23. Outdoor movie
24. Play at the splash fountain
25. Go to the park ( I would like to do this once a week also) ( done this 1x 7/6)

Well that is our list so far!  Now I need to make a poster and get it hung up so we can see it on a regular basis.  Will be interesting to see how much we get accomplished this summer :)


  1. Love that! I made a Summer Bucket List and I'm going to put it on a poster right now. I think that will make the kids excited to go out and do something.

  2. Good idea! Much better than sitting around "facebooking", texting and playing video games all day all summer!