Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Searl House Happenings..........

Kid # 5 and I are back from visiting my sister!  We had a great time and managed to get a couple of things done off our Summer List.

For the next 2 weeks Kid # 2 is here with us for an extended summer stay.  She is 17 and probably not to happy about being here and away from her friends but that is OK.  We enjoy seeing her and are glad she is here.

Kid # 3 lucked out and does not have any Raiderette practice this week.  Not only is this really nice for her but also for me who does alot of the driving to get her to and from practice.  She does have a fundraiser car wash on Saturday though. On Thursday, she can go take her driving test and get her licence.  Needless to say she is very excited about this.

Kid # 4 has been at his Dad's since last Friday.  He will be staying the week.  I miss him but am glad he is having fun and enjoys being at both houses.

Yesterday we had a our second flat tire in less then a month!  Ugh!  This one could not be fixed either so we had to purchase a new tire to replace it at $150.  I am not to happy about that but luckily we have a "car fund" for these things.  I am hoping to get back on the frugal band wagon and get busy paying off my car. 

I have several "free" activities planned this week for the kids and I to do to stay entertained.  This will also help us mark some more things off our Summer List.

I also plan to use up as much of our stockpiled grocery items as I can and spend very little of our $200 - for two week grocery budget as I can.  We will see though.  It is alot harder to do that when the kids are out of school for the summer.

One thing we will be doing that involves spending money is looking for Kid# 2 a prom dress for next year.  She will be a senior in the fall and a good friend of ours is going to take her senior pictures for us.  One of the outfits she plans to wear is her prom dress.  I had told her if we could find an reasonably prices one I would buy it for her.  Hopefully we will be able too.

We will also be working on a few yard projects that need to be done and will be fairly inexpensive to complete.  Hopefully I will have pictures of those to post soon.

Well this has been our week so far...........hope everyone else is having a good one :)


  1. Melissa, I saw really pretty prom dresses at Decatur "Deb" for like $30. I know you probably won't be heading to Decatur but you might have a "Deb" up by you! Also, Bloomington Von Maur still had a few when I was last there, but down to slim pickings. Good luck! Of course I already bought Mikah's homecoming dress -- in June -- at Von Maur. It's technically a prom dress but is short. I got it for $24 -- marked down from over $100. :)

  2. Thanks Andi! We actually plan to hit Debs here in a few days. I am sure we will be able to find something. Alayna found her homecoming dress and shoes at Goodwill a few weeks ago lol. We spent about $20 for both :)

  3. Love the Goodwill finds!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see pics!