Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekly To Do List

A few of these will carry over from last week since I did not get my list complete.  I finished up 6 items though so I think that was pretty good.

1. Make bread machine cinnamon rolls and freeze for future breakfasts.

2. Swap out entertainment center for new project I just completed.  I will show pics soon!  Have hubby take pics of the entertainment center and get it listed on Craigslist :)

3. Call cable company about getting a better deal

4.  Spray off Kid #5's playhouse and move to better location.

5. Swap out and hang up new photos I just had printed

6.  Finish 4th of July project I started but didn't complete :(  Oh well I can always use it next yr!

7.  Blog about Side Yard Project I that I just completed

8.  Sort left over yard sale items and decide what to keep for next yard sale or to sell on eBay, what to give away and what to haul to Goodwill.

9. Start working on Home Management Binder.  School starts in 1 months and I would really like to have it complete by then.

10.  Pick up book from Library


  1. You sound an awful lot like me! Only younger, I just stumbled onto your blog and I love it!

  2. Out my window, thanks for the comment! I always have a to do list going lol!