Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Home Management Binder

Today I started to create my "home management binder".  I have wanted to do this for while and just haven't.  It always seemed so overwhelming to me to create one.  I decided to add this as one of my goals for 2011.  However since it is already July and I really wanted to have this complete by the time my kids start school in August, I decided to put this on my to-do list for the week.

Today, I spent alot of time research what it is I might want in my binder.  So far I have these ideas:

1. Emergancy contact info
2. Yearly calendar, Monthly Calendar - which I will keep track of our appointments and activities on, and all school calendars
3. Menu, shopping list, and menu ideas
4. Finance information - check register, account info, break down of the sub accounts in the savings account
5. A section for each of the kids with their different activities, calendars and school info
6. Reading list
7. Projects list
8. 2011 Goals
9. To-Do - daily schedule, cleaning schedule, weekly to-do list

These are in no way reflected on how they will end up in the binder and are just ideas so far.  I have found some handy printables to help with some of the sections.

Today I worked on the calendar section and got a yearly calendar printed out from here freeprintable.net.  They also have monthly calendars that could be printed also.  I have a calendar program on my computer which I add all our important stuff on.  So I just printed that off for the rest of  the year.  The prin tout shows all of the the activities and appointments that have already been entered for each month on it.  There is also room to add more if I need too.  I also printed off the 2011-12 school calendar for Kid # 5.  I still need to print off one for Kid #2 who doesn't live with us full time or attend the same school as the others.  Our high school does not always follow the exact same schedule as the Jr high and grade schools so I will need to add one for Kid #3 and 4 also.  I looked on their school website but it was not updated yet.  Hopefully it will be soon.  I'll post more as I work on each section of the binder and decide what is really going to work for me and what isn't.


  1. What an absolutely WONDERFUL idea! I may have to consider doing that myself, especially if I'm not around and my husband needs to find some information. How big is your binder going to be? You'll have to post some pics when you are done!

  2. Sharon, if you do a search for "home management binders" there is a ton of information on them. Life As Mom did several posts about them in Jan and she did a link party also. Do you read her? I think my binder will probably end up with 9 sections total. I know that sounds like alot but 4 of the sections will be for each of the kids and most will just have a page or two in them. I will definately be posting pics as I go along. That way I stay motivated to finish it :)

  3. I am completely addicted to binders... I have a recipe one, a home management one, and one for 'ideas'... I would put everything in a binder if I could!

  4. I love them too! I have a recipe and coupon one also. I am on the fence about whether I am going to have a seperate one for my finances or not. At first I was thinking about just adding it to my home management binder. I am now thinking it calls for a seperate one so that it is easier for my husband to locate when he needs to.