Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thrifty Thursday Project

Kid # 5 had been asking for a doll bed for her American Girl doll.  They have doll beds in the American Girl catalog of course but there was no way I was paying that price for one.  So for Kid # 5's birthday at the end of May, my husband and I made her one.  We used these plans from here Farmhouse Doll bed. This site by Ana White is amazing!  My husband built and primed the bed for me and then I spray painted it green.  I choose green because this kinda matched the color that was in the catalog for the bed that would have went with Kid # 5's American Girl doll.  Here is the bed:


                                               Close up of the headboard


                                                   Close up of the foot board

I also made a mattress and bedding for the bed.  I already had a piece of foam left over from another project so I just used my electric kitchen knife to cut it down to fit the bed.  I then covered it in some white material I already had.  I also made two quilts and a pillow for the bed.  The first pink flowered quilt is made from a sheet and bedspread I had in my sewing stash.  The second is from a pillow sham I just cut down and sew closed.  Kid # 5 loved it! This project cost us about $20 to make.  Not to bad if you compare it to the price of the American Girl doll beds :)

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  1. This is SOOOOOOO awesome! When Lukah was little, Corey and I also made a bed for her American Girl "Bitty Baby" instead of buying one, too. He just winged it though. :) I am getting ready to have him make me another one as a prop for my photography (for a newborn). I think I might use the plans you posted her so thanks for posting!!!!

  2. OH Andi, those plans would be perfect for a prop. It is actually a pretty wide bed so a newborn would fit on it well. My little Shih Tzu doggie fits on it and thinks it is a dog bed lol :)