Wednesday, March 27, 2013

18 Things I Want My Daughter To Know On Her 18th Birthday

1.  Always be yourself, don't ever try to be someone you aren't just to please other  people.

2.  You can be anything you want.

3.  If you don't like your life, only you can change it.

4. Don't ever think you need a boy to be happy.  Happiness comes from within your own self.  If you don't know this already figure it out fast, it will make your life so much easier.

5. Sex does not equal love.

6. Don't go into debt for stuff except maybe a house.  But even then don't buy more house then you can afford.  Bigger is not always better.

7. Love your siblings, forgive them when they make you mad. Be a good sister to them even when you think they are not being good to you.  Someday when I am gone they will be the link to your past, your childhood and someone to share memories and be extended family with.  Value your relationship with them!

8. Learn how to be alone and entertain yourself.  There will be times in your life where this skill may come in handy.

9.  Don't be in a rush to make life choices.  18, 19 and your early 20's are for figuring out who you are as an adult, finding a career path that interests you and for having fun.  Don't rush it.

10.  Don't settle for the first boy who you think you love. There is a great big wide world out there with many different people.  You do not always have to be in a relationship, but when you are don't do it half-ass.  Always remember what it felt like when you had the broken heart.

11.  Be a great friend. When you are a great friend you have great friends in return.

12. Find hobbies you love.

13.  Go to school and get a degree so that if need be you will always be able to support yourself.

14.  Eat well, learn to cook, it will save your health as you get older and save you money :)

15. Keep dancing even if it is only a exercise class.  When you are my age you will be glad you have.

16. Never pay full price for something if you don't have to.

17.  Don't be afraid to be thrifty, buy used and use coupons :)

18.   You will make mistakes and life will not always go your way.  " If your lost you can look- and you will find me, time after time.  When you fall, I will catch you -I'll be waiting, time after time"  I will always be here......I love you, always and forever no matter what ♥


  1. This is awesome! I can't believe she is 18, I remember waiting not so patiently for that phone call to find out you had her. :)

    1. I can't believe it either Kim. I have to say I am alittle sad about it. She has grown up way to fast!

  2. Is it baby #3's 18th birthday!!!!??? :)