Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekly To Do List - 5 Things

I am inspired by Diary Of A School Nurse and her to-do list to make my own.  I thought if I did a weekly one and only listed 5 things I would like to accomplish then this may be more doable :)  So here they are

1. Finish the touch up painting on my baseboards in the kitchen.  There is really not much left to do and should only take me about a  half hour to accomplish

2.  Finish the deep clean of Kid # 5's room.  This really should only take me about an hour.  Most of it is already done.

3. Sew 3 scarves

4. Post some of the things I have already taken pictures of on my local Facebook sites to sell

5. Dust ( I hate dusting!  I put is off for as long as a I possibly can)


  1. I hate dusting also, but with cats, dog, and both Hubby and I engage in dusty dirty work, sewing and the outdoors, I have to dust!

  2. You are so sweet to mention me and link back to my blog! I love my to-do list! It helps keep me (a little) focused at work throughout the week :) I should probably make a list for my personal/family life too! Take Care. Elisabeth

  3. Great list! My lists are always obscenely long unfortunately... lol! I'm trying to pare down though so I can accomplish everything I want to! lol!