Friday, March 29, 2013

5 Things I Did That Were Frugal This Week

Don't forget if you want to you can play along.  Please be nice and link back to me in your post and leave the link so we all can read what you have done in the comment section :)

1.  I got a free collage print from Walgreen's with Kid # 3's dance pictures.  I had been meaning to have them sent off and printed for a while now.  Glad I waited cause you can't beat free :)

2.  I have begun to research the best way to shop Target. We have a brand new one with in walking distance of my house.

3. Finished up most of the leftovers and have very little food waste this week

4.  After getting out the Easter decorations and baskets I realize I will not need to buy any dye kits this year since there were 3 in my Easter box :)  Yeah for after holiday clearance.

5. Found a local source for food grade buckets.  We could use some to store some of our bulk purchases from Costco.  The 5 gallon buckets with lids will only cost me $2 each :)


  1. would be curious to see what your Target shopping tips are. I am ecstatic about the target (of course it's 9 miles from my house but still so much closer than before.) And Costco! AH I could go on and on about costco!

    1. I have not actually been in the Target yet. Everytime I would go to the other one I would end up spending alot lol. It is on my summer to-do list to learn to shop there and use their coupons. I will post about my shopping trips there when I start doing them.

      Costco is saving us a ton on just gas. That was the main purpose of getting a membership. But I have found savings in other areas there also :)

  2. I joined up again! Here is the link:

    Thank you!


  3. I love Target! If you get their redcard (debit or visa), you get 5% off every purchase when you use the card and you always get free shipping on their website.