Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Furniture Pictures

I had been meaning to post pics of our new to us furniture.  I found this on a local Facebook yard sale group.  There were originally 3 pieces that I got for $250.  The over sized chair was to big for the space we needed it in so I resold it for $50.  So I ended up with a super, nice, looks brand new couch and love seat for $200.  I didn't stage the pics.  Figured might as well keep it real.  This is what it looks like most days.  That is my cute little doggies favorite spot.  She loves to look out the window :)


  1. Nice find Melissa! Looks very comfy!

  2. I really do like it and love how comfortable it looks. I am all about comfort. And Im glad you were able to sell the chair you couldnt use.

    ps. im baaacckkk