Saturday, October 8, 2011

5 Things I Did That Were Frugal This Week

1. Found Kid # 5 LL Bean snowboots at a yard sale for $2

2. Planned our menu and ate at home for all dinners

3.  I needed a black mat for a picture I wanted to hang up in our family room.  I repurposed one I already had with a little spray paint

4. Used up the leftovers for my husbands lunches

5.  Made some homemade dryer sheets that so far are working awesome!  I will post about this soon!


  1. I swear that spray paint has saved me hundreds of dollars over the years. And I can't wait to hear about the dryer sheets!

  2. I love spray paint. Great deal with the boots. You are doing great saving money!!!!!


  3. Thank you ladies for your sweet comments! I thought the boots were a great deal also. Hopefully this saving money will pay off by the end of the month and there will be no more credit card debt! Crossing my fingers :)

  4. Great idea to list frugal activities for the week. I just might start doing that, too. Also, love the menus. It's amazing how important it is to totally plan your menus in order to not overspend. Takes discipline, but it's worth it.

    Following you now. :)

  5. Thank you Carole for the kind comments and the follow! I really enjoy your blog and the series you are doing :)

  6. Oh the things I have covered with spray paint! I even repainted shoes to match prom dresses!