Saturday, October 29, 2011

Today I have ............

1. Helped my hubby make a big batch of pizza sauce for tonight's homemade pizza and also to use for a different dinner later in the week.

2. Shredded a 2 lb block of mozzarella cheese for the same reason as above

3. Sliced black olives to use for the above mentioned dinners ( I have a post about this planned for my Tuesday tip )

4. Whipped up homemade pancake/waffle/french toast syrup because we were out.

5. Did several loads of laundry using my homemade laundry powder and dryer sheet.

5.  I still plan to make some granola to use for breakfast's before the day is over :)

Doing all of this saves me some money and also helps my week run more smoothly!  What have you all done today?


  1. Hi there-
    I would love to learn more about your homemade laundry powder & granola recipe!

  2. Got up (this was tough as Mondays signal a new week) Ran through house, made two beds, straightened 2 baths, Cleaned kitchen, gathered eggs and washed them, folded last load of college daughters clothes. Ironed her work shirt, woke her up and sent her up to the campus with a large load of fresh clothes. Greeted two customers, answered several phone calls, read blogs, now I will post and start sewing. sigh..... Happy Halloween.