Sunday, October 2, 2011

Update on September To-Do List

So I accomplished about half of my to-do list.  As you can see I got the stove cleaned, the garage refrigerator cleaned and the kitchen counters wiped down.  I did not however get the floor ripped up and probably won't until the spring :(  I also have yet to clean the kitchen refrigerator but hope to get that done this week. 

I have purchased most of the things to make my Mom, Mother in law and Grandma's Christmas gifts.  They are all getting the same gift made just a little different.  Now I just need to get them all made.  At least I got all the things bought :)

I did manage to get all the kids at least on gift bought.  A couple of the kids actually have 2 things purchased for them!

I'll be writing a post soon about our frugal homecoming for Kid # 3 and Kid # 4

I don't think I did to bad really and I hope to accomplish the rest of these things in October!

Clean stove, inside and out
Rip out kitchen floor

Clean behind everything on the kitchen counters

Clean kitchen refrigerator

Clean garage refrigerator

Looks like September will be the month to really deep clean the kitchen!

Make my Mom and Mother in laws Christmas gifts. Get one gift bought for each of the kids.

Make Kid # 3 corsage and boutonniere for Homecoming. A post and pics to follow :)

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