Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cleaning The Pantry

This evening as I was cleaning up the kitchen I decided to get out my label maker.  My idea was to label some of my storage containers that I keep things like rice and stuff in.  I have these bigger size storage boxes in my pantry which is just off my garage.  I had half of a large batch of homemade hot chocolate in one, pinto beans, and popcorn kernels in the others.  There are also two sitting empty which previously held homemade pancake mix and a bulk rice purchase that we had finished up. I had some unopened bags of white rice and brown rice that I thought I would go ahead and fill up some glass jars with and the storage boxes.  As I was looking at the bag of brown rice I discovered it had bugs in it.  So did my storage box of hot chocolate mix and my popcorn kernels.  Ugh I so should have know better then to keep these things in the pantry during summer.  The pantry is not really climate controlled like the rest of the house.  It is off the garage so it does get hot in the summer and cold in the winter just like the garage does.  I should have put the bags of rice and popcorn kernels in my freezer and the hot chocolate mix in my extra garage refrigerator.  I had to throw out the brown rice and hot chocolate mix.  I put the popcorn kernels in a different container and threw them in the freezer hoping to salvage them.  I also put my extra bags of white rice in the freezer also.  I hate having to throw out food!!  I also hate that I could have prevented this if I had paid more attention.  Ugh!  I do not think my storage container I have been using seal good enough so I think I will be using different ones from now on.  Hopefully I can prevent this from happening in the future!  I think I will be doing alittle more research on how to store these types of items better.

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  1. I had that happen once and my pantry was right in my kitchen. Something I bought must have had the eggs in it and they hatched and got into everything. It is sickening to have to throw away so much food. Thanks for visiting my blog!