Friday, April 15, 2011

5 Things I Did That Were Frugal This Week

1. Researched and found a groomer close to my home that did not charge and arm and a leg for our dog

2. Made some repairs ( with the help of my wonderful husband) and I am fixing up a small bookcase that I purchased at a yard sale last summer for a $1 for kid # 2 and 3's room. ( a post and pics to follow soon!)

3.  Went to the bank and got my cash out for my expenses in the next two weeks.  Groceries, date night, haircuts for kid # 3 and 4, and a haircut for our dog.

4. Planned my menu for the next two weeks ( yesterday was pay day and I plan my menus from one pay check to the next).

5.  Made up a double batch of semi-homemade laundry soap.


  1. Great list! Menu planning single handedly saves us so much money and cuts down on tons of waste.

    Can't wait to see the bookshelf!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I feel exactly the same way about menu planning. It also helps save my sanity! With 5 kids and 3 living here full time and the other that comes every other weekend I have to have a plan or things just don't get done :)