Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another Cheap Light

I love the tripod lights I see on Pinterest and around the blogs.  There is no way I am gonna spend the money to buy a real tripod floor lamp from Pottery Barn though no matter how much I love it.  I couldn't seem to come across any cheap or inexpensive wooden tripods either so I decide to make do with what I had.

 I spray painted an old camera tripod that we had laying around with oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

 My wonderful hubby then wired it up with a light kit we already had.  I bought a lamp shade which cost was the most expensive part of the whole project.  Here is what we have now.......

I love it and we get several comments about it when people are over.


  1. Love it!!!! First off you used something you already had and second it looks great and you like it!!!!

    You are super talented

  2. That is awesome! especially since you made it yourself!

  3. This is a great idea you are so clever!

  4. It looks awesome! I'm such a fan of oil rubbed bronze paint.

    1. Oil Rubbed Bronze is my favorite! Thanks for commenting!